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 Nation / Mission War Guide

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PostSubject: Nation / Mission War Guide   Nation / Mission War Guide EmptyWed Dec 09, 2009 8:32 pm

Nation / Mission War Guide Cabal-10

The time has come for the war between two nations, the Capella and the Procyon. One nation wants to share the power while the other wants to keep the power to themselves. Which side do you belong?
Level Requirements - You must be at least level 52 and has chosen a nation. Click here for chose a nation quest.
Goal of the game Ė To get the higher point than the opposing nation or occupy all area and destroy all resurrection tower.
TAKE NOTE: KILLING Opposing players will gain you negligibly low points.
Strategic Map
Memorize the area code so itís easy for leaders and members to ask for reinforcements.

Nation / Mission War Guide Cabalv10

Legacy Guardian - Kill the legacy Guardian to take over the area. Other players have the misconception to have the legacy guardian do the TANKING. Youíre supposed to protect the Guardian. Once it dies, you lose the base. Repair the Guardian when itís HP is low. Press [R] button to repair the guardian or tower.
The Ensign Ė In order to take over the enemy base, the ensign has to be destroyed.

Nation / Mission War Guide Cabalv11

Mission War and Nation War Doís and Doníts
1. DO NOT destroy the Force tower first, aim at the Enemyís Guardian.
2. DONíT BE TOO PK happy youíll get small points. Go for the Enemyís Guardian .
3. BUILD more warp tower instead of HP down tower.
4. Destroy all enemy resurrection tower.
5. Heal or repair the guardian when itís HP is low, donít let it die.
6. DEBUFF THE ENEMYíS GUARDIAN, Force Bladers do your thing and use all your debuff powers.
7. AVOID spending POINTS frivolously since it will cost you the points you need to win the war.
War Rewards
Usually the Wexp gain is 80p if your nation wins, the losing team gets 40p max. But you get as much as 100p if youíre in the top 30 ranking. As you can see on the screenshot, it was rather close battle. The procyon has occupied both bases and the Capellans only have theresurrection tower and warp tower. Somehow the Capellans managed to push through and win.

Nation / Mission War Guide Cabalv12

Legacy Weapon - Getting this weapon can give you almost god-like damage. Dropped only by Legacy Guardian when it dies. Better hit the spacebar button fast. Bad thing if thereís botters with auto-loot. DIE BOTTERS DIE!!! Unfortunately, once you get killed the weapon gets dropped and gives the enemy the chance to own it.
Attack : +190
Magic : +370
Attack Rate : +2200
Critical Dmg. inc : +70%
Critical Rate inc : +15%
HP Steal 3% of the total damage
MP Steal 3% of the total damage
Magic Skill Amp : +5%
Sword Skill Amp : 5%
Defense : +120
War Handicap - The Nation that has 2 consecutive loss will get 5% more players against opposing nation. This feature leads to seriously imbalanced gameplay. Each game has a different set of players.
War Points
You gain war points according to damage received and given. Building towers can give extra points. As of LORD OF WAR PATCH You have to use ALZ to gain points.
War Exp exchange
After you have accumulated war points, it can be exchanged for Experience, Honor Points and Skill experience. Look for Morison (Officer) NPC at Port Lux. I recommend that you exchange your WExp with Honor points. Skill and experience are easily gained while the honor points are gained through Dungeon quest and grinding in war channels.

Nation / Mission War Guide Warexp10

I hope this guide would be of help as the Lord of War patch in Cabal is now implemented.
Mission War Ė Monday to Friday at 2AM, 6AM,10am, 2pm, 6pm, 10pm
Nation War Ė Sat and Sun at 2AM, 6AM,10am, 2pm, 6pm, 10pm
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Nation / Mission War Guide
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