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 World Entry Drop Spot

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PostSubject: World Entry Drop Spot   Thu Dec 10, 2009 1:33 am


DT Cards lvl 35 – lvl 70
  • Skeleton Mine lvl 35 + : Baba Yaga
    Mummy Grave lvl 45+ : Bitter Leaf
    Lighthouse Maze 55+ : Bugdolphy
    Ghost Ship 55+, Ghost ship (party) 55+, Chimera (party) 65+, Troglo Lair (party) 65+, Zombie Infested Cottage (party) 65+: Phantom Crew
    Mummy Grave (party) 70+, Skeleton Mine (party) 70+, Parasite House (party) 70+, The Ruins Of The Ancien City 70+ : Auto Cannon-op

Map parts : Lake In Dusk lvl 75
  • Fort_Ruina : All the mobs of the land
    Undead Ground : All the mobs of the land

Muster Card : Ruina Station lvl 85
  • Fort_Ruina : Mechazard, Auto Cannon-Ex, Excavator-alfa.
    Undead Ground : All the mobs of the land

Epaullete of the Dead (B1F) lvl 95
  • Undead Ground : All the mobs of the land

Epaulette of Dead (B2F) lvl 105
  • Undead Ground : Vampire Servant +, Spector, Wraith
    B1F : All the mobs of the dungeon drop B2F EoD’s

Seal Of Darkness lvl 105
  • Fort_Ruina : Hounds-S01
    Lakeside : Bloody Orc, Dark Gnoll
    Forgotten Ruin : All the mobs of the land
    Mutant Forest : Any mob in Mutant Forest

Muster Card : Forgotten Temple B1F lvl 115
  • Lakeside : Any mob in Lakeside
    Forgotten Ruin : Fire Beetle, Cockatrice, Hexacyther, Blade Peryton
    Mutant Forest : Any mob in Mutant Forest
    Pontus Ferrum : Any mob in Pontus Ferrum

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World Entry Drop Spot
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