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 Upgrade +8 and +9 Guide

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Upgrade +8 and +9 Guide Empty
PostSubject: Upgrade +8 and +9 Guide   Upgrade +8 and +9 Guide EmptyThu Dec 10, 2009 6:53 pm

Upgrade +8 and +9 Guide
This post is about upgrading your items to +8 and +9.
Since last large patch, we are able to upgrade items to +9.
Due to the its insignificant increase and the risk of losing items, there are not that many players have done it ever since they introduced the new system.
Here is a SOP for upgrading items.
1. The items you try to upgrade to +8 need to be at least +7.
2. Talk to the Core Alchemists in any map. (if it has any)
3. Select [Upgrade] -> [Item Level Upgrade]
4. Put your items in the item column
5. To increase the chance of success, you can put several kinds of cores in the Core column.
Depend on the kind of cores you put in, it adds 1% to 2% more success rate (Max 50%)
The picture is a simple demonstration…
Upgrade +8 and +9 Guide Etern1
Upgrade +8 and +9 Guide Etern2

As it shows, without any cores, the success rate is 10% and the failure rate is 45%.
(Note that depending on the item you upgrading, the success rate may vary)
So…what’s the other 45%?
100% – Success Rate – Failure Rate = the chance of destroy item.
Force Core (highest) = increase 2% success rate and decrease 1% chance of destroy item.
Upgrade Core (high) = increase 1% success rate.
Force Core (high) = increase 1% success rate.
Upgrade Core (highest) = increase 2% success rate and decrease 1% chance of destroy item.
Slot Extender (Low) = no effect
I know it does not make any sense and it seems like no logic at all…
Well, it’s ESTsoft…what you gonna expect!
Consider the effect each core gives and their price, Force Core (highest) is your best choose.
6. After all your cores are set ready, just hit [Item Upgrade]
Note that some fees will be applied for each upgrade.
Unlike force core upgrade, the result will show instantly.
If the upgrade succeed, there will be an announcement throughout the channel you in!
7. The results:
From +7 to +8, there are three possible results.
The item goes to +8, the item stays at +7 (Upgrade failed), and the item is destroyed.
From +8 to +9, there are three possible results.
The items goes to +9, the items goes back to +7 (Upgrade failed), and the item is destroyed.
(Note that if the item is account binding item, it will be un-extended instead of destroyed the item)

Upgrade +8 and +9 Guide Etern3

The increasing defense on Teragrace gloves from +7 to +8 is only 3.
The increasing defense on Teragrace gloves from +8 to +9 is only 6.
Not that many players are going to risk their items to gain that 9 defense.
Note that this upcoming upgrade, ESTsoft increase the maximum level to +12.
I personally think ESTsoft did it on the behave of Pherystin and titanium users.
Since their items won’t get destroyed, they will just keep doing it till its +9.
Are you ready to +9?

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Upgrade +8 and +9 Guide
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