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 Farming Guide

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PostSubject: Farming Guide   Farming Guide EmptyThu Dec 10, 2009 9:09 pm

Farming Guide

So, you got your character to 100 something, you finished skilling to Transcender. Looked on the forums and got the best skill setups and combos. Now the only real limit to your character is gear.
Before even looking at this guide, keep in mind: There is no way to realistically make 100 Million Alz an hour consistantly. You might boss run with your guild, get a +7 Cloak or Bike and sell it or get crazy lucky with a legacy chest but that is not farming, that’s getting struck by lightning lucky. This is about maximizing the amount of Alz you can CONSISTANTLY make while playing Cabal.

A. Quests and Dungeons OO
B. Alz Drop % Gear wink
C. 2 Slot Item Drop % Gear mad
D. Building a Farming Party lol
E. Questions
F. Additional Stuff

A. Quests and Dungeons

This is something most people don’t think about, and I’m definately guilty of this on my Alt characters. You focus on leveling and skilling and you completely forget about questing.

From Level 70 to Level 98 Storyline quests give 1 million Alz reward for completion of each quest. Some of the Helper T rewards are Upgrade Core Highest, and Upgrade Core High which add up.

Level 60 and below Party DTs – Various drops in these places, you can certainly rack up quite a few bluestin tier armor drops to break down into cores, but they don’t sell that well due to being able to buy bluestin from the port lux vendor. You would mostly run these for the chances of a UCM and if you’re really lucky a Slot Extender Low.

Level 70 Party DTs &
Leveling Up, 4th Warp Gate From Level 70 On – Do not underestimate these dungeons for farming. Starting at level 70 the monsters drop Titanium tier armor and weapons. Shadowsteel / Aramid and Bluestin tiers of crafting are very easy to finish, just takes some Alz and patience, so the demand for titanium slotted is maddening. Those items sell as fast as you put them up.

Patren Patren (Level 98 Quest) – This is by FAR the best source of Osmium in the game. Even if you’re only able to kill the first boss over and over, you’re still getting an Osmium drop every few minutes. If you want to always have some amount of Alz, DO NOT FINISH THIS QUEST. Kill the Golem boss and then die or change channels, don’t even look at Patren.

Chaos Arena – I consider Chaos Arena a quest, most people would probably call it the quest to say away from other people so they don’t steal drops. You can bring a guild group into the lower Tier Chaos Arena, channel 8 or 9 and PK everyone else then take the boss. While this won’t make you friends, it prepares you for what high level bossing is like. You really have to have slick gear to pull off soloing in CA3 and CA4, I don’t see anyone ever getting a CA5 alone on Mercury. Mostly drops cores of all types.

Lake in Dusk – This is the dungeon you will either love or hate. Currently entry item prices on Mercury are right around 1 million Alz.
You can farm your own cards if you have extra time (Auto-Cannon Ex’s in Fort Runia or Mechzards in Fort Runia). Some runs will give you 5-6 UCM, others will give you 5-6 Earring of Bless +0. I would rate it at decent if you farm your own cards, horrible if you just buy them.

Runia Station – Yes the same dungeon you ran robot-like at the buffalo to level 75-100 or higher. What most people do not realise, this is the best area in the game to kill the highest volume of monsters. So, FARM THE BUFFALO. Also, they drop up to Osmium level items. Keep the level 3 disks, Thunder and Dark being the most valuable, keep the rest if you have extra inventory. Fight your way through to the buffalo, with 20-30 seconds left pop the last capsle in the end room. You can use 2 Slot Item Drop % gear here if you are high enough level. Runia Station cards drop from any monster in Undead Ground.

EoD B1F – I’ve had mixed results here overall. Lately this dungeon seems to hate me, I’ll clear the whole thing and not get a single UCH. Consistantly through, it is a good easy source of UCH. 250k-600k Entry Item and if you get at least 1 UCH you come out ahead. Not a bad dungeon but each run is fairly time consuming ~1 hour for me at 127 in meh gear. I usually run Patren Patren over EoD B1F if I am low on alz. Any monster in Undead Ground can drop EoD B1F Cards, and inside EoD B1F any monster can drop EoD B2F cards.

Volcanic Citadel - By word of mouth, as I’m not 130 in good gear yet to consistantly farm here. This is by far the best source of UCH in the game, I hear of people getting 5-6 UCH a run. Rarely 2 slotted Osmium weapons or crafted Osmium drops. Entry Item for VC drops in Mutant Forest pretty consistantly.

EoD B2F – By the time you can solo here, you probably shouldn’t need a guide on farming. No more then 2 people in a party for this place if you want to make actual money from the drops.

FT B1F – I would lean toward a 3 person party if you wanted to make actual money here. If you cannot do it with 3 people do not bother.

Lost Island – Do not attempt without a full party.

FT B2F – If you can farm here, you do not need a guide.

B. Alz % Drop Gear

In small amounts this is rather disappointing, but if you put together a nice set it can be a good compliment to where ever you farm. The maxmium Alz Drop % craft on an item is 30% (Armor and Weapons). For gloves there is no Alz drop % craft, it comes out 2 slot item drop covered below.

My current suit for Alz drop % is 310% (30 wep, 30 orb, 30 helm, 30 chest, 30 boots, 20 ring 20 ring, 20 ear 20 ear, 20 bracelet 20 bracelet, 40 amulet). I find this to be nice when farming Fort Runia mobs, I get 2800 from a regular alz drop and 4100 per stack on an Alz bomb.

C. 2 Slot Item Drop % Gear

After various discussions on the forums and some in game testing. 2 slot item drop % gear speeds up the drop cycle on a map. What that means is instead of getting armor, armor, armor, weapon, armor. You can get armor, amulet, armor, DT or dungeon card, crafting material.

I have yet to get a 2 slot item while wearing 600% 2 slot item drop, but it seems to create more variation in the loot. This can be good or bad, if you’re just farming for armor and weapons I would not use it.

D. Building a Farming Party

You will notice your survivablity takes a huge hit when you wear Alz drop % gear or 2 slot item drop % gear if its not Osmium, Level 99, or Forcium tier. So it is important to have a Wizard to party with so you can stay in Aura mode, BM1 or BM2. For really difficult areas you will want a Force Archer to heal what potions cannot keep up with. Force Blader Debuffs will also be useful due to your lowered attack.

—— Personal Opinion ——–
In regular gear, some areas just cannot be farmed solo. Such as dungeons and Lakeside + depending on your level and gear. Wizard / Force Archer / Force Blader is how I would prioritize for your party. Some places will call for a tank, in that reguard, I would go for Warrior / Blader / Force Shielder in that order. Even after the changes a Sword Based Shielder will not do enough damage to hold aggro, and a Magic Force Shielder doesn’t want aggro in the first place. In some spots a Blader’s defense rate will not save him, that’s why Warrior is at the front of the list.
—– Personal Opinion ——–

E. Questions

None yet.

F. Additional Stuff
Things I come up with after the fact and documenting changes to the guide.

Take it for what its worth, but hopefully this helps some people.
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Farming Guide
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