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 Cabal: Guild point and Guild level Guide

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PostSubject: Cabal: Guild point and Guild level Guide   Tue Dec 08, 2009 8:20 am

Well hello there! This is BanditSon, your old friend. Welcome to our site! Now here is a complete Cabal guide which selected from the other website. I will post this guide as two articles. If you are interested in this guide, just keep paying attention to our website.

Basic Guild level: When a guild is created, it is Level 1 and a guild can level-up up to Level 5. How to level-up: Automatically leveled-up when guild get requirement guild points. How to earn Guild point. Total 'AP' of each guild member gain is used. As for the character lower than Lv. 120 will be adjusted the same transfer rate as AP gain between Level 120 -Level 129.

Only for adjust in guild point. circulation, but above level character cannot get genuine AXP or AP. Rules for Guild Point. Guild point will be renewed every 1 hour. Guild point will not be initialized and keep accumulated after level-up. Required Guild point. Each level has different requirement for the next level.

Accumulated Guild Point is regarded as the requirement guild point for the next level(Cabal alz) up which is shown on Guild UI. Restriction for number of guild member Maximum limit of guild member to be registered a guild is varied by guild level.

In case of founded guild before update, guild level will be determined by the number of current members. The guild, number of current members is 28 will be Lv. 1, the guild, number of current members is 63 will be Lv. 3 and they will get the appropriate guild points. Guild Warehouse. Rules for Guild Warehouse. The guild which level is Level. 2 or above is possible to use Guild Warehouse through the agent of Port service NPC.

Every guild member can store Alz and item in their Guild Warehouse but to withdraw Alz and find item is only for the character who has authority to access. The same commission fee as normal warehouse usage Warehouse usage restriction by Guild level Possible amount of Alz to store and available number of taps to use is varied by Guild level.

Details of Guild Warehouse: Guild Warehouse can be used only for the users who have authority. The same item can be stacked and stored up to 20 ea in an item slot. In case that store Upgrade Core(High) 15 ea. When select the slot with Upgrade Core (High) 10 ea: The maximum quantity to insert is 10 ea when the items(Cabal alz) is stored into Guild Warehouse.

When select the slot with Upgrade Core (High) 4 ea: The maximum quantity to insert is 15 ea when the item is stored into Guild Warehouse. When select the blank slot: The maximum quantity to insert is 15 ea when the item is stored into Guild Warehouse. If guild level is not enough to use the warehouse, additonal message will be followed and Guild Warehouse will not be allowed to use.

Possible to register items by clicking on mouse left button + ctrl. Impossible to store periodic item and account bound item. Sort current tap or Sort all tap button: Function to sort out registered item automatically. Automatic item stack is possible when item is ordered, stored, transferred between slots.

Only for all the data is same, items are disguised as the same kind and possible to stack. A bunch of Holy Disc (Lv. 3) 127ea and another bunch of Holy Disc (Lv. 3) 127ea are determined as the same items. A bunch of HP Potion 27ea and another bunch of HP Potion (Lv. 3) 35ea are not the same item due to the different of number.

When click on 'Usage History' button of UI window, current 100 History will be shown. The history for user store item or deposit Alz to Guild Warehouse. The history for user find item or withdraw Alz from Guild Warehouse

Happy Grinding lol!
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PostSubject: Need tissue?   Sat Jul 31, 2010 1:00 am

Sir, wag trying hard. Pwede magtagalog.
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Cabal: Guild point and Guild level Guide
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